Lovely Fun In The Sun

This post I imagine is going to take some time to write, as I am sat in the garden enjoying the nice spring sunshine with the girls, but the eldest is enjoying serving me egg from her play kitchen in her Wendy house, and of course, I have to keep getting up and knocking on the door to place my order for egg!

I’ve been quiet the last few days, things have been quite busy as I’ve finally had a burst of energy and been able to crack on with long overdue jobs around the house, which has been remarkable.

With help of course, I’ve had the tall fridge freezer moved to the conservatory and swapped with the counter top freezer we had out there which has given us a little extra counter space in the kitchen and made the room look much more open. My wife and I have cleared several bags of old toys from the kids room and I have finally got around to getting all their clothes sorted and their room cleared. So progress is being made!

This has taken a lot of stress off my mind and I’ve recently been enjoying our living space, and so, when sitting down in the evening (when I get a chance) actually being able to relax, which has been great. We’ve also got the added benefit that our eldest, for the last 4 nights has finally been sleeping through again, so we’ve had a lot more sleep!

It’s been really good fun with this nice weather the last few days, and getting the garden tidied up at the weekend so the kids can come out here and play and burn off stream. Seeing them having so much space to run around and play in, and them getting on has been fun, but also seeing the imagination of my eldest over the last few months taking off really makes me smile. As I said earlier with the kitchen in the Wendy house and wanting to play and serve me food while we are out here is so funny, but also recently we bought a load of second hand Silvanian Family toys from Facebook sales, and seeing her sit down with all those and making up stories is so fun to sit and watch as well, and it keeps her quiet, which is great, I can sit down and watch the stories unfold, and it is hilarious.

One thing I will say with being out in the garden with the kids is I’m constantly seeing things I need to sort out. I spent the weekend out here, trying to tidy it up and do skip runs as all the rubbish over the winter that needed to go to the skip just got put in the garden to pile up. But there are so many things I’ve missed, the kids are constantly finding things they shouldn’t have access to that I have to take off them and put away, I can’t believe I missed so much stuff, I don’t know where they are finding it!

The other great thing about them being out in the garden is I’ve been able to crack on with this house work and keep an eye on them, but them being out of the way. We all know how hard it is trying to tidy up the house, or put clothes away with a tornado of a toddler behind you pulling everything out again. Our conservatory has been the place for dumbing almost anything since day one of moving into our house, so it’s nice to see it finally taking shape as a usable room. The kids have been able to run in and out as they please and I’ve been able to do what I need to, winners all round.

I’m going to stop here for now, as reading over this, it has been a random post (as all mine seem to be!) but I things seem over the last week to have got much better, with the sleep issue out of the way and spring in the air, things seem to be ‘clicking’ into place and settling down, even with my health, and I’ve been a lot calmer, and able to enjoy life a lot more. So fingers crossed it continues!


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