So Much For Staying Happy

This morning I’m in a foul mood, I am absolutely shattered and run down. I’ve read through my last couple of posts to reflect on my good mood and trying to pick myself up but I’m just too run down this morning, the slightest thing is making me snappy, and my poor wife is getting the brunt of it, which is why I’m tucking myself away for half an hour and writing this post.

Basically, I was still in quite an upbeat mood last night, albeit confused about how I was feeling, and I couldn’t sleep. When I finally started feeling tired and went to bed my wife was up with a terrible cough and sent me out at 1.30 in the morning to Tesco to get her cough syrup. When I finally got home and tried to get some sleep so then decided my children to wake up. Needless to say I got only a few hours sleep last night. Add on top of that I feel rough from a cold, I’m assuming the one everyone in my family currently has I’m very run down.

Our youngest is just so clingy this morning and can’t make up her mind, she want’s nothing but cuddles, but when you give her cuddles she want’s to get down but the second she’s down, you guessed it, she cries because she want’s cuddles. It’s doing my head in this morning! I know it’s what kids do but I’m struggling to deal wit it. Luckily, in some respects my wife is home off work today sick so I’m not on my own to deal with them, and the eldest is currently at nursery but the youngest only wants me, she keeps running from my wife back to me so I’m not able to get any rest. I’m also dreading dialysis tonight, it’s bad enough on a good day, but when I’m feeling so rough it becomes very difficult. I’ve called my unit to see if they have any earlier machines today so I’m not out quite so late but it’s a long shot if they will.

I plan on doing some baking later if I don’t go out to dialysis, I find that often is a nice pick me up, something to distract me and shut myself away from the noise of life for a little bit, so I’ll post pictures of my end results if I get time. The final product is also usually a nice treat to make you feel better. Anyway, I hear crying in the background so better go see what has upset my wife. Oops I mean my daughter (if my wife actually reads my blog I’m sure she’d kill me for some of the things I will inevitably end up writing about us!).


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