Update On My Day So Far…

In my quick post this morning that I jotted down before the girls both woke up, I discussed my feeling of tiredness from little to no sleep last night and how down and grumpy I was feeling. I also discussed other reasons for tiredness that I experience due to my Kidney Failure and receiving Dialysis.

I mentioned in that I would provide an update, so, for anyone interested here is a quick update (if I get time tonight or I’m bored enough I might post this evening of my day as a whole):

So far so good, that’s about as simply as I’m going to put it. Despite getting next to no sleep I’m functioning quite well (with the help of a few coffees, which I’m sure fellow dialysis patients would scream at me for!) My eldest was on and off a few times in the night but has been behaving quite nicely, there have been no nuclear meltdowns (touch wood) and my little one who was ill in the night, and up nearly all night with a fever seems almost back to normal, and as I speak (well, type) is down for a nap.

I’ve managed to get some washing done, and get it on the line to dry, but I’m not too fussed on the housework. I often stress over the state of the house, the mess, and how often I put my heart and soul into tidying and cleaning for it to instantly be bad again and I’m trying to not worry, I know it’s not great for it to be messy or a tip, but there are more important things in life.

I’ve also cleaned the conservatory (my work space) and disinfected it all (as sometimes the cats get out there) so the children can join me and play out here so I can do a bit of this. I just want to clarify that while I’m posting in the day, when looking after the kids, this post is taking time to write, I am engaging with them, watching them for their safety etc as a parent should as my main focus at all times, before anyone starts to get concerned 😉

So yeah, start as you mean to go on, hopefully it’ll continue to be an easy day, but time will tell, we’re only halfway through so there’s still plenty of time!!


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