First blog post

So, hello there, this is my first blog post on this new blog I have set up. I’m Dan, and it’s nice of you to be reading this. I’ve not got a definitive vision for this blog, it’s more, I think, going to be a place for me to dump my brain on paper as it were about things that are of interest to me, or of things that have been happening to me recently and how that’s made me feel at the time. I often find writing down things about how I feel a helpful outlet, so I hope it makes for an interesting read.

Let me start by telling you in more detail about myself, so you know who you’re reading about and keeping up to date with. I’m from Essex, I’m in my late(ish) 20’s, married for 4 years and I have 2 children under 3 years old (both girls). I was born with a number of health conditions, but the most impacting of my life as a child was Scoliosis which is curvature of the spine. I went through all of Primary School and Secondary school having to wear a body brace (which gets noticed, ALOT, and gets a lot of comments from other kids, not good comments either!) until 2003 when I had spinal fusion surgery. It was in 2003 when I was also diagnosed with Kidney failure, this was kept controlled until 2011 when I finally needed a transplant, and received one from my Dad. Unfortunately after 5 years the Kidney failed, and it was in 2016 I started Dialysis and am now in final stage kidney failure once more.

Despite having an obvious deformity and growing up being picked on in school, I had a good range of friends, and a happy upbringing. My parents provided a loving home, where myself, and my Brother and Sister were given lovely things growing up, anything we needed we got, and anything extra we didn’t need, but simply wanted, we mostly got. We had a caravan which we holidayed to regularly which gives some fantastic memories, and my Dad was always keen to make sure that at weekends and bank holidays we went for days out, which again I remember fondly, and I can only hope I can bring my children up so they have good memories the same.

I met my wife in 2009, at the time I was studying away for my degree, but I maintained some hours in my old part time job that I started when at college. It was here that I met my wife. Our relationship had a rocky start that we were trying long distance (125miles) while I was away for the last year of my degree, and ups and down with my health put a lot of a strain on us. I kept asking why she was wife me, she could have had a much easier life with someone else, but she stayed with me, we got through it, and I feel stronger now for it.

This is quite a scaled down version of events of my life it seems now I’ve read it back, but as this blog progresses I will uncover more of my interests, likes/dislikes, issues and current dysfunctions in my family and just more about me in general, I don’t want to give it all away in the first post now do I? So what can you expect from this blog, well I’m interested in baking and do this often with my eldest child, so lots of pictures of cakes and bread and other sweet treats as I try out new recipes. Moaning about my family, or issues and frustrations in my life. Discussions, good and bad about things I use regularly, or new purchases if they annoy me enough and things around family life like days out. I hope I can make it interesting, or discuss things that other people can relate to. Only time will tell, but if you’ve made it to the end of this post, I thank you, and hopefully you’ll make it to the end of others.


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